i815 BIOS Tweaker : Debrider votre carte mére à base d'i815 !
By BJOne / The Mad

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I - Introduction

As you have surely already noticed, the i815 motherboard BIOS has the tendency to disable some settings as soon as the user has discovered the joy of overclocking. The reference card which we will use here is the ASUS CUSL2. This motherboard disable a lot of settings in case of the least overclocking. The i815 Bios Tweaker allows these settings to be forced enable. The great innovation here is that this tweaker is directly included in the motherboard's BIOS.

II - The changes

Now Let us see the various options which are forced enable using the tweaker :

  • AGP 4X : When the CPU is overclocked of more than 5 MHz (10 on some mobo), the BIOS will force the AGP in 2x mode. The tweaker reconfigure the AGP management to 4x, AGP 4x allows a bandwidth of about 1 GB/s
  • CPC Mask : The CPC ( Command Per Clock ) is an option which brings a speed increase in memory transfer, the BIOS activates sometimes the CPC Mask, which inhibits the CPC in case of overclocking.
  • DCT : : DRAM cycle time : the DCT enables to specify the minimum amound of time that a memory page must remain open before being closed and opened again. The shorter it is, quickly the data are written into the memory, So it is faster. The default setting is [5T,7T] but always in case of an OC it is set back to [7T,9T], the tweaker forces the DCT to [5T,7T].
  • DPCP : DRAM Page Closing policy : This item, which can be either "One Bank", or "All Bank" is automatically set to "All Bank" (about 5% slower in memory transfer) in case of overclocking, the tweaker force this item to "One Bank ".
  • SM Always Bypass : This item enables a gain of some precious NS in the DRAM Latency. Like the others, this setting is disabled in case of overclocking

III - How it works

The I815 BIOS Tweaker code replaces actually the Antivirus included in the whole majority of award BIOS, the famous " Trend ChipAway ". It can be activated and deactivated by selecting the desired option (Enable or disable) for " Boot Virus Detection ".
The tweaker is also " intelligent " i.e. : the tweaker verifies if the option has been disabled by the BIOS but also if it has been enabled by the user.
Example: if the DCT were positioned to 7T,9T by the user, the tweaker will not force it to 5T,7T, but if the user has specified 5T,7T, and that the BIOS put it to 7T,9T due to OC, then the tweaker will reposition the option to 5T,7T.
The same for the other options.

IV - Screenshots

V - Download

The Final version of the tweaker (older are betas) is included only in BIOS 1008 Final and newer
Here are the other BIOS codes for ASUS motherboard based on the i815 !
If you seek a BIOS which is not in the list, do not hesitate to send me a mail
Some BIOS exist in two versions : (EE) with the "Evil inside" logo and (EPA) with the standard EPA logo

Evil Inside Logo

Standard EPA Logo


Latest Version !   
1008 Final
1009 Final
1011 Beta 005
1012 Beta 002
Asus CUSL2 w/o Audio
X (EE) - X (EPA)
Asus CUSL2 With Audio
Asus CUSL2-C w/o Audio
Asus CUSL2-C With Audio
Asus CUSL2-C BlackPearl
X (Beta 004)
Asus CUSL2-M

* These BIOS are currently not available because they need to be more betatested. If you want yo be a Betatester for a kind of bios, send me an email...

1011 Beta 007
1011 Beta 008
1011 Final
1012 Beta 002
Asus TUSL2
Asus TUSL2-C
Asus TUSL2-M

     Asus Bios Updater 3.28.06e : This utility allow you to flash your Asus mainboard's BIOS under Windows

PS: all the BIOS available here have been tested, I have removed the others, I do not want to make you pass for Beta-testers...